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The ISM Art Prize

Congratulations Saffron_L for winning May's Art Prize! Your expert use of negative space and simple composition makes 'soliloquy' stand out from the crowd as this month's most artistic primary folio.
$250 prize!
Each month we award $250 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 608
editors pick week 608

Artist: MYLAH
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Artist name: Lee_E
Birthplace: New York, USA.
Occupation: Performance artist.
Age: 24.
Height: 5'7".
Weight: 140lbs.
Starsign: Taurus.
The biggest passion in my life: My biggest passion in life now is performing and storytelling. I'm a writer and performer and its lead me around the world.
I like to listen to: I love music. I listen to everything, from Buddy Holly to riot grrl punk!
I like to watch: I like to watch old black and white films, I'm a sucker for anything old Hollywood.
I like to smell: I love the smell of coffee, cigarette smoke, lavender and citrus.

New Releases

Jul 01, 2015 liza_k//"on_the_town_2" Video
Liza_K really has taken us to a magical place on the tour of her city. Looking right at home amongst the lulling waves and rambling rocks; she is a creature of nature by any right. What a sight it would be to stumble upon a dozing Liza_K drinking in the December rays upon her favorite sun baking stone! The revels now are at an end for both tour guide and tourist, the scene concluding with a sunset as we watch the waves roll in.
video  |   Primary
Jul 01, 2015 Lee_E//"selfpleasure" vote to hitlist
"I love taking selfies and pictures of myself, I feel powerful and in control of my own sexuality with the camera in my own hand. I love posing like this but have never shared it with anyone until now! THIS IS MY FIRST TIME! :) I had so much fun shooting myself in the bath, fresh faced with no make up on, in bed, against the city skyline, and playing with my new favorite toy, the Hitachi Magic Wand! I think I'm in love! I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship."
photos  |   Primary
Jun 30, 2015 Gail_Kelly//"WorkIt" vote to hitlist
"My ISM shoot happened in so many stages. The first time around I deleted most of my photos, feeling really upset that I couldn't portray my sexuality the way that I wanted. During later shoots I really started enjoying the project and even explored my backyard where there are 3 storey townhouses being built around me. I looked for spaces in my yard that were possibly (or not) hidden from the many builders. I got into this project to share the beauty of my body, with the jiggles, cellulite, stretchmarks and all. I fell really satisfied that I did just that. Body shame used to limit my self love, confidence and sexual experiences. As I move further and further from those limitations I am able to do more, express more, and feel so so much more!"
photos  |   Primary
Jun 29, 2015 Maree_M//"Vita_C"
"My favourite thing about winter in Melbourne eating sweet, juicy oranges from the tree in my backyard. I started my shoot outside but soon I started to get pretty chilly, I got goosebumps all over and my nipples went so hard. My hair is so long now it feels so soft and tickley against my skin. I really loved shooting for ISM again, I hope you like my photos too!"
photos  |   Reload
Jun 29, 2015 Ushi//"leder_mode" vote to hitlist
"Ich habe mich anfangs etwas unsicher gefuehlt diese Aufnahmen von mir zu machen. Doch dann ging es immer besser und ich wurde langsam selbstbewusster. Meine Freundin hat mir sehr dabei geholfen mich gut zu fuehlen. Sie hat meinen Koerper echt cool bemalt, das hat echt Spass gemacht! Es ist klasse das ich meine leder Mode in den Shoot reinbringen konnte und so nochmal ganz meinen eigenen Style und meine Liebe zu Mode zur schau bringen konnte. Auch wenn ich es echt gut fand war es trotzdem eine grosse Herausforderung!/I was initially a little uncertain about making these pictures of me. But then it went better and I was getting more confident. My friend helped me a lot to feel good. She has painted my body really cool, that was great fun! It's great that I could bring my pure leather fashion in the shoot and so my own style and my love for fashion could shine through. Although I found it really good it was still a great challenge!"
photos  |   Primary
Jun 28, 2015 Mylah//"Waldeinsamkeit"
"An einem sonnigen Samstag habe ich einen Spaziergang gemacht. Auf meinem Weg habe ich viele wunderschoene Plaetze entdeckt. Zum Beispiel einen bezaubernden Wald und eine Wiese auf der ich richtig Lust bekommen habe ein paar Fotos zu machen und meine Haut von der Sonne waermen zu lassen. Auf meinem Rueckweg konnte ich dann nicht wiederstehen mich auf eins der Bauarbeiter Geraete zu setzen und auch dort ein paar Fotos aufzunehmen./ On a sunny Saturday I went for a walk. On my way I've discovered many wonderful places. For example, an enchanting forest and a meadow on which I got in the mood to take a few pictures and warming my skin from the sun. Then on my way back, I could not resist to sit on one of the construction worker's Equipments and take a few photos there."
photos  |   Reload
Jun 28, 2015 Scully//"painted_panther" vote to hitlist
"I took this folio over the span of a week because I found it difficult to focus and get into the spirit of things. I ended up having/drinking my breakfast and just going about my day and slowly taking photos for this shoot. By the end of all the photos I felt so relaxed and there was a moment in the last photos I took when the sun was just hitting my skin and I just laid out on my balcony in the morning sun."
photos  |   Primary
Jun 27, 2015 Mikki_A//"HelpingHand" vote to hitlist
"Der Tag des Shootings war recht duester, also beschloss ich, die Fotos in meinem Zimmer zu machen, doch das fuehlte sich nicht so richtig an. Eine Freundin hat mir dabei geholfen, so sind wir dann zusammen in einen Park gegangen. Dann hiess es Klamotten weg und los gehts. Meine Freundin rief dann immer, wenn jemand kam "Versteck dich im Busch!" Am Ende entstanden die komischsten Posen mit einem Baum, Blumen oder im Gras. Irgendwann legt man dann die Hemmungen ab und es ist egal, ob dich jemand sieht. Nackt sein hatte fuer mich das Gefuehl von frei sein./The day was pretty rainy so I thought I'm going to shoot in my room, but they didn't really felt right. A friend helped me and she had the idea to go into the park. So we did that and I took off my clothes. She always let me know when some stranger came close to us and called "hide in the bush!". At the end I had some really weird photos with a tree, flowers or grass, but at some point you don't care about it that anyone could see you naked. Being naked gave me the feeling of freedom."
photos  |   Primary
Jun 26, 2015 Theia//"I_am_love"
"I felt inspired by my colourful rainbow room and chose a a circus/vintage theme to reflect my character. Through parallel worlds within worlds, I entered into myself, capturing the essence of me thorough the camera and reflections. Dressing up in costume accessories to draw out my character even more was lots of fun."
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