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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: PIXIE_P
Pixie_P embraces the audience from the start, introducing the details of her body in intimate close up shots. As she takes the camera to arm's length, she allows us wider look into her world: hand drawn pictures on the wall, her pet rabbit. For her artful use of field size and composition, we are proud to award June's Art Prize to Pixie_P, for her primary folio, "Cotton_Tail". Congratulations!
$500 prize!
Each month we award $500 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 559
editors pick week 559

Artist: DANA
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Artist name: Vicky_J
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia.
Currently living in: A cloud.
Occupation: Full time sick cunt.
Age: Old enough.
Height: 175cms.
Weight: 62kgs.
Starsign: Leo.
The biggest passion in my life: The raw vegan lifestyle.
I like to listen to: violins in the orchestra, they're so beautiful and soothing.
I like to watch: David Attenborough documentaries, I'm fascinated by nature and the world around me.
I like to smell: my two favourite perfumes, Flowerbomb (fruity) & African Violet (feminine).

New Releases

Jul 25, 2014 Vicky_J//"wo_man_cave" vote to hitlist
"This was at my fiance's parents' house Which was full of curious cats. They are constantly walking in and out of the home. At each sound of the door opening & shutting I would have to hop back into the bedroom VIA THE WINDOW! Some of the pics were in the garage *man cave* which makes the loudest door opening sound. This whole time keeping it as secret as I can because they are the most conservative of peeps. This was still very important to me because even though nudes can be shamed in society I say "FUCK EM". It makes me more determined to be more naked!"
photos  |   Primary
Jul 24, 2014 Ophelia_C//"lemon_water" vote to hitlist
"My quaint little lemon colored abode provided the most private and relaxing place to shoot. The water from the hose was so refreshing and felt nice cascading all down my skin, washing off all the little stones that I had accumulated throughout my shoot. In some shots, you can even see the pedestrian sign that one of my housemates pillaged on a wild night out, now I just need to hunt down a workman's hat to top it off!"
photos  |   Primary
Jul 23, 2014 caity//"urban_grind_2" Video
It's hard to decide what's the best part of this video - Caity's plaid skirt blowing up in the wind as she runs to cool off in the sprinklers? The naked skate yoga? The action-packed go-pro shots, making us feel like we're tucked into Caity's socks? Or maybe it's the desperate nonchalance of the local skater boys, standing their ground with stony faces, as Caity effortlessly changes the landscape of their erotic fantasies - yeah. It's just all really, really good.
video  |   Primary
Jul 23, 2014 Sinead//"hearing_me" vote to hitlist
"I felt confident taking these photos as I grew up in a large family of women. It was always normal to get changed in front of each other and be naked. Who even needs a bedroom anyway? Taking these pictures was not nerve-wracking, though looking back at them was not what I expected. While I am quite confident I was a little squeemish looking at some of those pictures. Do you know what I mean? I guess media will do that to you but here I am, challenging that."
photos  |   Primary
Jul 22, 2014 Francis_Y//"altru_ism" vote to hitlist
"The winter chill sparked sudden goosebumps all over my naked body; hard nipples becoming more obvious, my skin colour turning blue. There is nothing more exhilarating than laying on the wet sand in our purest form. Nothing to hide, everything to give. Being naked by choice and capturing these moments is pure beauty. By shooting myself in this project I felt alive and free."
photos  |   Primary
Jul 21, 2014 louah//"phantasmagoria"
"As I reveal myself to the sun, I sense my power as a woman... I am releasing my inner goddess, I am reliving my favourite rennaisance painting, I am a medieval maiden, geisha, temptress; I am whatever my fantasies allow my imagination to be. I slowly peel off my clothing to reveal my purest form. My nudity allows me to release myself and become whomever I feel like being, for myself and for the viewer."
photos  |   Reload
Jul 21, 2014 Susannah//"twist_n_shout" vote to hitlist
"You never know what opportunities life will throw at you and the best thing you can do is grab them with both hands and make the most of them! For my part I grabbed the camera with both hands and lost myself for hours twisting myself this way and that and excitedly looking at the shot to see if it turned out as planned. More often than not it didn't, but I had so much fun it didnt matter and IT was a day, and an opportunity, well spent!"
photos  |   Primary
Jul 20, 2014 caity_&_Tommy_H//"naught_ical_1"
"My first duet shoot was soo much fun, we went out on my Bf's boat somewhere and he taught me how to drive which was amazing! When we first started taking our clothes off and getting into it some patrol boat officers parked near us so it made it a bit awkward to do. I don't usually mind people watching but I found it weird that they were on patrol so I didn't know if we would get into trouble. I caught my first fish! It was only a catfish but it was really big and put up a fight! It was also my fist time of sex on a boat!" -Caity
photos  |   Duet
Jul 20, 2014 Dana//"chaleur_torride" vote to hitlist
"It was my first shooting and decided to adapt myself to things as they were, without setting anything up. Pleasuring myself before, during and after was the main aspect of the shooting to enjoy myself even more and transmit my pleasure. I shot myself in two very different days: a very sunny and hot day in my friend's van, and a cold and cloudy day to experience the differences of light on my skin. I found new angles of my body while twisting myself in the van and that was really pleasurable."
photos  |   Primary
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