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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: AURORA_A
Never before has ISM peeked through a fish-eye lens, and we love what we see! This month we catch a glimpse of Aurora_As dreamland, adorned with colourful fabrics that fill the frame with playful charm. Her love for the colour green goes beyond the aesthetic, revealing a symbolic connection to the Earth that shines through in her folio "Psychedelia". Congratulations Aurora_A for winning July's Art Prize!
$250 prize!
Each month we award $250 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 616
editors pick week 616

Artist: MAE_E
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Artist name: Dawn_S
Birthplace: Townsville, Australia.
Currently living in: Melbourne, Australia.
Occupation: Student.
Age: 25.
Height: 5'8".
Weight: Bigger than you'd think :p
Starsign: Sagittarius.
The biggest passion in my life: My quest to achieve absolute happiness.
I like to listen to: seagulls flying over crashing waves and rain on a tin roof.
I like to watch: life animes and sci-fi shows. Very into iZombie at the moment.
I like to smell: rain on hot round and musk mixed with amber and sandalwood.

New Releases

Aug 30, 2015 Dawn_S//"plush_pleasure" vote to hitlist
I have called this folio "Plush". It is a celebration of everything I used to loathe about my body. Every curve and roll and dimple in my plus sized form is beautiful and deserves to be shown for the gorgeous thing that it is! Going into the shoot I thought it would be easy as I know my body but photographing my plus size form is very difficult it seems. Angles and poses that work on smaller women look and feel very different the bigger you are, but it was one hell of a fun experience!
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Aug 29, 2015 Eliza_R//"where_the_heart" vote to hitlist
"I really enjoyed shooting myself in the comfort of my own place. It was nice having familiar things around me, which really helped with the whole scenario for me. There was a building site outside during the shoot, which felt exciting and naughty. Knowing that construction was going on outside with the windows open made me feel even more confident taking nude pictures. I loved using the white wardrobe to really capture a good angle and using the light to really show off my 'white bits'. Using the mirror was also exhilarating. It let me really see myself up close. It was really motivating and also gave me a sense of empowerment."
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Aug 28, 2015 Sabrina_H//"sunbright"
"I shot myself outdoors near trees and rocks in the sunlight, I was thinking about the soft glow of the sun and nature on my skin. I had a lovely time and if you look closely you will see some sunlight rays in the photos. After shooting I feel so soft and free..."
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Aug 28, 2015 Melissandrae//"dreamhouse_kiss" vote to hitlist
"I made this pics in 3 different times, meanwhile 1 year. In a different locations too, but mostly in a hot seasons - summer and early autumn. Cause I need a quiet warm temperature to feel comfortably. This session that was an experiment and a fun. However I have a lot of experience in a foto-modeling work, but that was something completly different, but also completly free and comfortable for me."
photos  |   Primary
Aug 27, 2015 Annie_Lee//"solar_flare" vote to hitlist
"Taking pictures of myself was much more difficult than I thought it would be. I'm a photographer, and I love taking pictures of people, and when I can, of their skin. So when I had to take picture of myself nude, it was very difficult. The angling was hard, trying to look good while fitting my whole body in the frame was hard. Despite this it was still a very enjoyable experience overall; I was being open and carefree and it was a beautiful experience. I would love to try it again and push myself a little harder."
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Aug 26, 2015 Lana_E//"red_handed" vote to hitlist
"This was my first Ishotmyself shoot and it was so much fun! I decided to do my shoot in my room, as my house is always pretty full with different people coming in and out, and I didn't want to get caught! I turned all the heaters on in my room and had lots of fun experimenting with placing my body in different positions and using different camera angles and trying to capture different lighting! I played around with taking some photos by my window as it has nice lighting, and it was definitely a funny moment when I realised my neighbours could see everything and locked eyes with one of them across the way! Guess my plan of not getting caught didn't work out so well! I loved doing my Ishotmyself shoot and can't wait to do another one!"
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Aug 26, 2015 katherine_p//"honeyburst_2" Video
In Katherine's second part of her ISM video, she shares some pretty sweet advice for shooting a sexy ISM folio as well as more of her mad guitar playing skills. This is also definitely a must watch video for all Opeth fans out there.
video  |   Primary
Aug 25, 2015 Colette_M//"midnight_frolic" vote to hitlist
"I was the elephant in the park on pretty much every couples romantic stroll. Nothing like some live scenery to keep a day interesting! It was enjoyable, freeing experience. I felt extremely goofy at times but amazing. It was a silly, great experience!"
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Aug 24, 2015 Gem_X//"inner_beauty"
"The rain was cold and the verandah slats were hard against my skin. The longer I stayed out in the chilly Melbourne weather, the more my nipples became hard like the slats. At one stage I was completely drenched from head to toe. I wanted to capture the effects of natural beauty in nature. I used the bottle as a symbol of the message within all of us, that beauty comes from within. It was my message in a bottle, in me."
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