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The ISM Art Prize

One day, Gracie_Lee walked out, naked as a sparrow, her footfalls delicate on the bending grasses and her camera taptapping against her hip. The world through Gracie's eyes is a soft and quiet place, rich with light refracting. Gracie Lee, fascinated by brilliance of her suncaught hair, the bokeh beauty of the day's colors brought back into focus by a sharp, clean twist of her efficient lens, the rippled creases and long taut planes of her own skin. Congratulations, Gracie Lee.
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Editors Pick week 547
editors pick week 547

Artist: FELIX_B
Folio: "DIRT_GLAM"
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Artist name: Chan_J
Birthplace: Beijing, China.
Occupation: Shop owner.
Age: 29.
Height: 164cms.
Starsign: Gemini.
The biggest passion in my life: My love for animals and beautiful lingerie.
I like to listen to: happy sounding music that I can bop along to.
I like to watch: my cat basking in the sunshine on a cold day.
I like to smell: jasmine flowers filling the night air with their beautiful scent.

New Releases

Apr 23, 2014 chan_j//"shadowself" vote to hitlist
"She is my darker half. Kept hidden behind sweet smiles and pleated skirts, but today she gets out. She took over my body and showed herself to the world. Naked and proud, her love for herself seeped out into the images. She is my darker self, and she has been released."
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Apr 22, 2014 hapi//"naturehigh" vote to hitlist
"So my first day of shooting myself was horrible!!! My body looked ugly to me, on every single picture. So I deleted them all and started all over again the next day. I went out, lied under a tree, looked up into the sky and relaxed... and a love relation ship with my body began. I started enjoying the beauty I saw - natural beauty and imperfection..."
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Apr 21, 2014 julia_p//"kitchen_hours"
"Dieser Shoot war eher eine Spass-Sache als alles andere, wie du sehen wirst... Ich war in der Kueche am nachdenken wie ich mich wohl wieder mal fotografieren kann und dachte mir, why always so serious? Also hab ich einfach angefangen Spass mit mir und der Kamera zu haben. Alles was mir in die Finger kam, wurde zweckentfremdet, von Seife ueber Eiswuerfel und Wasser bis hin zur Schokolade. Es hat jede Menge Spass gemacht!"
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Apr 21, 2014 Lowenna//"4th_floor" vote to hitlist
"Two builders spotted me posing naked on the balcony. Feeling embarassed, I quickly ran inside. I could see them on the phone and was actually scared that they were ringing the police for indecent exposure! I ended up confronting them downstairs that I was doing an art project, they completely brushed it off and asked me if I was in apartment 14, as they wanted to fix the window."
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Apr 20, 2014 hope_j//"littlehaven" vote to hitlist
"The hammock is my little haven, despite it actually being my housemate's. Out amongst the beautiful garden, it is tranquil and relaxing. I have adopted it as my own and love nothing more than the feeling of the breeze swinging me to and fro whilst laying in it. Sometimes I'll get a friend in there with me (cos it's quite roomy) and see how much we can swing before we nearly fall out. I obviously didn't go to that exciting extreme when shooting though, since I had a new exciting (and naked) adventure to undertake."
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Apr 20, 2014 Lena_D_&_Marcel_D//"jeu_parti_1"
"C'était super de faire ces photos avec mon copain, on ne s'était jamais pris en photo nus tous les deux et on s'est beaucoup amusés. Nous sommes très complices et partager ce moment coquin a été un vrai plaisir, accompagné de sa dose d'excitation car ce n'est plus un strip tease à la caméra que l'on fait mais tout un jeu avec l'Autre dont la caméra est témoin. Très excitant. Nous avons fini ce shooting coquin en extérieur, pour pousser à son paroxysme l'excitation et la folie de l'instant !"-Lena_D
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Apr 19, 2014 felix_b//"dirt_glam" vote to hitlist
"I shot this folio in the recent winter sunshine of my backyard in the countryside of Oregon, following the light from the meadow to the barn to the creek. I was thinking about the ways in which my sense of eroticism is deeply intertwined with my passion for land, queering gender, and working with a set of magical tools (homemade rope, junk jewelry, lace, a hatchet, dirty books, fur, knife, heels) that are I find inspiring for playing with power. I felt really excited about the process of making these images! It was fun to find ways to depict my body's desire as it exists within this context of genderqueer femme adornment."
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Apr 18, 2014 eden_n//"wild_cherry" vote to hitlist
"Us Brits are usually considered quite prim and proper, but today I decided to break the rules, and get a little messy. It was the perfect day! The sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I pulled out a blanket and all the fruit from the kitchen, with the intention to spend the day sunbathing in my back garden! Who knew you could have so much fun with a bunch of grapes and some cherries?"
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Apr 18, 2014 tabu//"aussi_tropic"
"All the palm trees surrounding me, along with the bright blue sky just itching to come out on this beautiful Spring day, were a huge inspiration for me. It was a great feeling getting outside in the nude on a such a warm day... what could be better! The next day it absolutely poured down with rain so I'm lucky I got to make the most of it when I did!"
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